Zarco Safety Camouflage was developed by a team of experts involved in the design of advanced military camouflage technologies – resulting in the creation of a patented hunting safety camouflage which increases the visibility of the hunters profile to humans while at the same time remaining inconspicuous to animals such as deer, antelope and buck. The vision deception technology employed in the camouflage design exploits the differences in the structure and spectral response of the animal eye when compared to the human eye.


Animals with dichromatic (color blind) vision such as hoofed animals which include deer, buck and antelope species look at the environment in a completely different way than humans do – therefore we do not have to try and hide away from other humans in the bush but rather maintain a high visible profile to other hunters, thereby increasing overall hunting safety.

Zarco Safety Camouflage’s vision deception technology takes care of the rest – the hunter profile is scattered against the natural background ensuring that the hunter continue to enjoy a competitive advantage.